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The long lifetime of Philips LED means you’ll change your bulbs less often. Their energy efficiency means you’ll see the benefits in your wallet as well.


Philips LEDs use 90% less energy* than traditional incandescent lights, while producing the same warm and familiar light. They can last up to 22 years, which is equal to 25 incandescent bulbs. So not only will you have fewer bulbs to change, there will be less waste as a result. Watch the video to learn how LED bulbs save energy.


*An 8.5 Watt LED bulb uses up to 86% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.

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Learn about wattage and wattage equivalent on LED bulb packaging. Watch our video to learn about brightness and saving energy.

LED bulbs have an
exceptionally long life


LED bulbs last much longer than traditional bulbs, like incandescent. Longer lasting bulbs mean changing them less often. Watch the video to learn more.

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Change from soft white, daylight to a cozy warm glow with the flip of your existing light switch.

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Learn how to find the right LED bulb with our soft short guides on brightness, color, efficiency and more.

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