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    Reimagine the
    I-35W Bridge

    KuDa Photography on behalf of Philips Lighting

    Lighting up the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis 


    The connected lighting system used on the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis, will include more than 650 Philips Color Kinetics outdoor architectural lighting fixtures. These fixtures have been specially designed to meet the extreme vibration, temperature and corrosive environment conditions that the bridge is exposed to.


    The technology used in this system will accentuate the many facets of the bridge allowing LED lights to produce hundreds of possible configurations and patterns to create static displays or dynamic color shows that can be used to celebrate holidays and special events – such as one of the largest sporting events in the world.


    Philips Color Kinetics lighting fixtures have been used in more than 50,000 lighting implementations across the world including iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building; the Bay Bridge; the London Eye; Edinburgh Castle, the Taishin Bank Tower in Taipei; the Warsaw Spire; the Allianz Arena in Munich; the Gateway of India in Mumbai, to name a few.

    Minneapolis I-35 Bridge Installation in red and green
    Minneapolis I-35 Bridge Installation detail in blue
    Minneapolis I-35 Bridge Installation in red
    Minneapolis I-35 Bridge Installation in red, white and blue

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