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    Energy efficient Philips fluorescent tube

    Light your tasks with energy efficient Philips fluorescent tubes

    Fluorescent tube lighting from Philips offers long life and quality, energy-saving task lighting. Available in a broad range of colors and sizes, including soft white or daylight plus for extra brightness. Find circuline, U-bent, and linear tubes. Philips also has fluorescent tubes for aquariums lighting and black lights for special effects. Innovation has reduced the mercury level in Philips tubes without sacrificing life or performance.


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    Our how-to videos will teach you what you need to know to light your home like an expert. Learn about brightness, dimming, and color temperature. Find the right bulbs for the light you need.


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    InstantFit LED Tubes


    Easily upgrade to LED with no fixture modifications needed, simply plug it in and enjoy the benefits of LED.

    Why LED?


    LED lights bulbs can last up to 22 years compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Learn more.

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    Find Philips consumer lighting product information or contact us with question and other inquiries.