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    The stunning look of decorative LED light bulbs

    Decorative bulb styles look great on or off

    Looking for vintage design, or something a bit more modern? Philips Decorative LEDs are available in many shapes and sizes.

    Vintage LED bulbs


    Imagine the retro look of vintage incandescent bulbs with the benefits of LED with glowing visible filaments and cozy warm light.

    Modern LED bulbs


    A clean minimalistic look that gives a special look to any room, even when turned off.

    Man reading next to a Philips Modern designed LED bulb

    Compare Decorative LED on and off


    The Philips Vintage LED bulbs are designed to be seen. The LED filament shines with the color and glow of old-fashioned incandescent lighting, creating a cozy, familiar atmosphere in your home. And, they don’t just look beautiful when they’re on…


    …they’re also a treat for your eyes when off. The clear glass bulb and retro styling of the LED filament adds a vintage flair to the decorative lighting in your home. To see how the bulbs look on and off, click the circle and drag it left or right.

    Many Philips Vintage LED bulbs are available in dimmable versions, and you can often use your existing dimmers**. Check the dimmer compatibility list so find out if yours are suitable.


    **It’s clearly indicated on the packaging if a particular bulb is dimmable. Choose one of these and you can enjoy the classic look and feel of old school lighting at the level of brightness you prefer.

    Choose a Bulb


    Always find what you need with our wide collection of bulbs. Browse by base, shape, or application.

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    Philips Vintage LED bulbs product family

    Be inspired
    by Philips Modern and Vintage LED

    Philips Vintage LED bulbs hanging from the ceiling with detailed filament showing
    Philips Vintage LED bulbs hanging from the kitchen ceiling turned off
    Philips Vintage LED bulbs hanging from the kitchen ceiling turned off
    Couple talking underneath Philips vintage LED bulbs hanging from the ceiling creating a cozy warm glow

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