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    The LED bulb that dims without a dimmer

    One bulb, three brightness settings. Works with your existing switch.

    Now you can get the ambiance you want without having to install a dimmer switch. The Philips SceneSwitch brightness bulbs work with your existing light switch. All you have to do is screw in the bulb, and flip the switch to toggle between 100%, 40%, and 10% brightness. Available in soft white and daylight.

    Watch the video to see how it works.

    Click the tabs to view each light setting

    Philips SceneSwitch Soft White LED
    Philips SceneSwitch Daylight LED

    How does SceneSwitch work?

    It uses your existing light switch

    Flip the switch to toggle between full, medium, and low brightness settings. SceneSwitch brightness is available in soft white and daylight.
    three light settings

    Plug and play


    SceneSwitch works as soon as you screw in the bulb. No dimmer or additional installation needed. Works with your existing light switch on the wall.

    Simply plug and play

    Built-in memory


    The bulb has a built-in memory chip that will remember your last setting automatically when you leave the switch off for more than 5 seconds.

    Auto memory

    Synchronizing multiple SceneSwitch bulbs

    If multiple lamps are used and they are no longer synchronized, simply toggle the switch (turn it on and off again within 1 second) to restore the lamps to the default factory setting.
    RESET - Multiple lamp synchronization

    Not compatible with dimmers


    This bulb is not suitable for use with dimmers. If used on a dimmer, please set the dimmer setting to 100% brightness.

    not dimmable

    Popular SceneSwitch products

    • LED Bulb



      • 9-3-1W-60W
      • E26
      • Daylight
      • Non-dimmable
    • LED Bulb



      • 9-4-2W-60W
      • E26
      • SceneSwitch
      • Non-dimmable

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