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Want to know how to get the look you want? Or do you want to learn more about lumen, LED wattage, or color temperature? Our 'How To' guides show you how to set the mood with light or just find the right replacement bulb.

Quick tutorials for light bulb replacement

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Lumen and Brightness


Get the brightness you need by learning about LED wattage and lumen.

light bulb types

Bases and shapes


Different places need different lighting. Learn more about light bulb shapes and fittings and how to find the right fit.

LED color temperature color of light

Color Temperature


The color temperature of a light bulb can affect the mood of a room. Learn about color temperatures and how to select the right one for you.

LED wattage and lighting facts

The Benefits of LEDs


No need to change anything but the bulb. Discover the benefits of switching to LED light bulbs and learn about the range of bulbs available.

Dimmable LED bulbs

Setting the Mood


Discover the different types of dimmable LED light bulbs available and find the bulb that sets the right mood for you.

LED bulb lifespan

Longer Lasting Bulbs


LED light bulbs last longer. Find out more about how often LED light bulbs need to be changed.

LED wattage and lumen

Save Money and Energy


LED light bulbs uses less energy, meaning you spend less money on lighting. Find out more about the benefits of LED light bulbs.

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