Distinct Retail
Experiences for all

Distinct Retail Experiences for all


Integrated LED lighting systems from Philips Lighting aren’t merely functional. They help retailers to define an atmosphere, stand out from the crowd and achieve specific business outcomes. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, accent or ambient, aisle or endcap, warehouses or parking, or anywhere that light is needed; Philips Lighting systems are personalized to best suit your retail goals; and also grow and evolve as your requirements change.

Your personalized retail lighting system starts here.

Distinctly focused on increased sales

Philips Lighting LED systems visually support your brand and encourage shopping while customers journey through the store. Additionally, specialized capabilities such as indoor location-based services provide data to help retailers drive conversion rates and basket size, test and evaluate marketing campaigns and store layouts, and also collect and analyze non-personal shopper traffic patterns. 


8% longer store dwell time!*

5.5% increased basket value!*

3.5% increase in fruit and vegetable sales!  


*PLUS, The Netherlands

Distinctly focused on strengthened brand reputation and customer loyalty


Philips Lighting LED systems, including advanced capabilities, create personalized experiences that elevate customers into loyal brand advocates. In addition to supporting an expressive ambiance and optimizing energy efficiency, Philips Lighting systems offer specialized indoor location-based services, to create enhanced and interactive shopping experiences. This helps to support longer customer visits, social media sharing, and repeat visits.


See how Carrefour supermarket in Lille, France used a Philips Lighting connected system with indoor positioning to increase customer satisfaction on promotion availability.

Distinctly focused on improved profitability


Scalable Philips Lighting LED systems use long-lasting, energy-saving LED technology, along with dimming, occupancy sensing, light level preservation and daylight harvesting, and advanced capabilities such as scheduling, maintenance alerts and third-party triggers. This aids bottom line savings by reducing energy-related lighting costs and maintenance time and expenses. Additionally, fewer luminaires may be necessary in the space, for decreased installation and upfront expenses.


The lighting system integrates with building management system integration, and specialized indoor location-based services provide data-driven insights to further improve operational efficiencies such as order picking, location-based stocking instructions and better staffing and labor utilization.

Featured systems and products


Philips Lighting has the world’s broadest selection of high-quality lamps, luminaires and controls; and versatile, scalable systems. Below is a sampling of solutions that are ideal for use in your retail establishment. 

Put your products in the best light


Integrade LED Engine System


Versatile system that’s compact and easily integrated in your store.

The game changer in retail


Indoor positioning


Bring the power of GPS indoors

A new approach to retail lighting


StoreWise Lighting System


The exceptional retail lighting system to support you and encourage customers.

Color Kinetics

Dynamic color and white


Color Kinetics


Highly flexible and dynamic lighting to express a message and differentiate your brand

Luminous Textile

Luminous surfaces


Luminous textile


Combine multi-colored light with beautiful textile panels that also soften sound


OneSpace luminous ceiling


Transform any interior into one cohesive space, with beautiful, homogeneous light

OneSpace luminous ceiling


Transform any interior into one cohesive space, with beautiful, homogeneous light

OneSpace luminous ceiling


Transform any interior into one cohesive space, with beautiful, homogeneous light

One Space

Linear tubes




Ideal energy saving LED choice for existing linear fluorescent fixtures

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