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1. Where can I find discontinued brands

Click on the link below to access specification sheets for discontinued products.


2. What are the Philips luminaire brands?


We have thoroughly evaluated our brands and product lines to ensure that we have the strongest, most relevant, and most robust portfolio to serve our customers. Each brand represents a distinct position in the market. Our focused approach brings clarity in brand positioning and ease in the selection process. Each brand will now hold a distinct position in the marketplace:


  • Philips Gardco: Outdoor Architectural & Performance Lighting
  • Philips Stonco: Outdoor General Purpose Lighting
  • Philips Lumec: Outdoor Urban, Roadway & Tunnel Lighting
  • Philips Hadco: Outdoor Urban Residential & Landscape Lighting
  • Philips Chloride: Exit & Emergency Lighting
  • Philips Ledalite: Indoor Architectural Lighting Systems
  • Philips Day-Brite: Indoor Commercial & Industrial Lighting
  • Philips Lightolier: Indoor Downlighting, Track & Decorative Lighting

3. Why did you discontinue brands?

We have streamlined our business to deliver a best-in-class portfolio that is most relevant to the marketplace. We’ve accomplished this by reducing the duplication between brands while retaining best-in-class luminaires in each product category. Some brands will be phased out but most luminaire solutions are still represented within the portfolio, and may now reside under a different brand name. Please use the Luminaire Portfolio to search for a product and determine whether it has been rebranded or discontinued.

4. Where can I find spec sheets and product information?  


Product information including spec sheets can be accessed in the Luminaire Portfolio eCatalog The spec sheet archive shown above, has been created for any products that have been discontinued to ensure customers have access to important product information.


5. How does the Luminaires Portfolio eCatalog work?


You can access the Luminaires Portfolio eCatalog at You can find your product by 1) searching for it by typing in the family name or catalog number in the search box at the top or 2) navigating to it via the Brands or Lighting Products navigation and filters. You may also search with keywords, which will return results based on relevancy, with the most relevant items near the top.


To find information for rebranded or discontinued products, simply type the family name in the search box at the top of the page. If the product has been rebranded or discontinued, you will receive a red search message informing you of the product status, as well as links to the rebranded or replacement products, if any.


For quick tips on our eCat, watch the demo video

6. Why can’t I find my product?


Please troubleshoot the following items to ensure you are searching the Luminaires Portfolio eCatalog properly:


  • Make sure you are positioned in the correct search box for the eCat (not the website home page search)
  • - Make sure you are typing in the name correctly – punctuation and hyphens make a difference “Day-Brite” vs. “Daybrite”.
  • - Make sure your spelling is correct.
  • - Make sure you are searching for the product family and not the SKU, search functionality is at the product family level.

7. Additional Search Hints


When searching the eCatalog using the search text box, here are some hints to improve your results:

Partial search:


  • Typing 982 into the search box and pressing "go" will display all catalog numbers, family names or UPC codes containing 982.
  • As you type a search a suggested items box will display all catalog numbers, product codes and family names starting with those characters . Highlighting and selecting an item will redirect you to that specific page.

Wildcard search:


  • Wildcards like * and ? can be used to find a string of characters within data fields.
  • *LED displays all items ending with LED, where LED* displays all items beginning with LED.
  • 98?P4 displays all items that match this string with the exception of the question mark.

8. What should I do if I still can’t find my product?


Please contact your Philips Sales Rep or our general support Customer Service team at 1-855-486-2216.

9. How can I locate my local Philips sales representative?


You can visit the Philips Sales Locator to find your local Philips sales representative. We are currently working on an updated Distributor Locator and that will be available in the near future.

10. If a product is being rebranded or discontinued, will the warranty still be valid?


For previously purchased products, the warranty time period for that product will be honored. The warranty will not change with the brand/product changes. To view all Philips Luminaire brand warranties, please visit

11. Who should I contact if there is a warranty concern?



Please fill out the form located at to register your concern. You will receive an automated email with a case number, which will be managed by a member of our Customer Care team.

12. Who can I contact if I still need help or have more questions?


We are happy to help you if you still have questions or require additional help. Please contact your Philips Sales Rep or our general support Customer Service team at 1-855-486-2216.