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Indoor Lighting Retrofit Applications

Philips Lighting has multiple options within its lighting portfolio to help you create and deliver value to your customers.
Indoor Lighting Retrofit Applications

Linear Solutions


Philips’ InstantFit 50,000 hour LED solutions for your customers who need or want a high performing socket solution to replace existing fluorescent lamps within an existing fixture.


InstantFit LED Tube

Lamp Solutions


Philips high performance LED lamps to maximize energy savings and improve performance and the feel of the space for your customer.  Solutions are available for non-dim and dimming applications for a wide variety of lamp bases including MR16s, PAR lamps, and many others.

A-Shape - LED Solutions
EvoKit 2x2

Troffer Solutions  


Philips’ EvoKit 70,000+ hour LED solutions for your customers who want to move into the world of high performing LEDs while improving the look and feel of their environment and maximizing the life cycle of their lighting system.

NEW LED Fixture Solutions


Philips Daybrite EvoGrid LED luminaire is an effective entry point into LEDs for your customers who want to move into the world of high performing LEDs and have a preference for new fixtures.  EvoGrid is designed to transform and deliver impact in the office environment.  Philips has other high performing new luminaires that can be utilized to create maximum value and utility for your customers beyond the traditional 2x2, 2x4, and 1x4.

Custom LED Fixture Solutions

Custom LED Fixture Solutions  


Philips’ Optimum products provide high performing LED retrofit solutions for lighting retrofit needs in areas outside of the traditional office ceiling, such as retail stores, high bay areas, and a wide range of other applications.