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Lightfair International

May 8-10, 2018

See light beyond illumination

Join Philips Lighting at Lightfair 2018, the world's largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference.


Philips Lighting is delivering new value and experiences through the world’s best quality light. Come see how Philips Lighting innovations connect, save, automate, inform, and inspire.


We’ll show you just some of the ways that we are transforming life, with light beyond illumination.


A few show highlights:

Smart office lighting | InterAct Office

InterAct Office


Real insights in real estate management.

It is a smart and scalable wireless system that upgrades your commercial lighting using existing infrastructure hassle free. Instant energy savings and data driven insights with a tracking dashboard that enables green business decisions.

LED outdoor lighting | Philips Gardaco PureForm LED site and area luminraies

Philips Gardco PureForm LED site and area luminaires


PureForm luminaires easily integrate with a full range of control options, from simple to advanced. The entire family can be controlled individually or communicate with each other, offering ease of management and significant savings. 

Direct indirect led lighting | Philips Ledalite Sona

Philips Ledalite Sona suspended LED


Incredible efficacy & boundless lighting choices mean the re-engineered Sona suspended LED is destined to become a future classic. Flexible up/down distributions and tailored LED optics mean you always have the right light for every task.

Color changing led lights for façades, monuments, bridges and architectural lighting | Philips Color Kinetics ReachElite

Color Kinetics ReachElite


ReachElite, with advanced color consistency technology, delivers exceptional light to bridges, façades, monuments, and skyscrapers—illuminating the tallest structures and highlighting details as much as 219 meters (720 ft) away.

Office space management - Smart office lighting | Philips Ledalite Eyeline

Philips Ledalite EyeLine


EyeLine LED is suspended imagination, balance restored.

Available for your workplaces and statement spaces June 2018 from Philips Ledalite.

Three light settings in one bulb. Bright and warm living room lighting | Philips SceneSwitch

Philips SceneSwitch LED


Feel your best, focus, or relax. Philips SceneSwitch LED bulbs feature superior technology that changes the light when you flick the switch off and on again. You can choose the best type of light for your daily activities with just one bulb and your existing switch. No additional installation required.

Philips Lighting will become Signify, our global brand remains Philips


On March 16 2018 we announced our intention to change our company name from Philips Lighting to Signify. We will continue to use the brand Philips, the most trusted lighting brand in the world, for lighting products.

Philips Lighting will become Signify, our global brand remains Philips

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