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    Ecolume sets the standard for value and quality in outdoor luminaires by providing durable construction and high performance in an economically priced cutoff fixture. Additionally the Ecolume optical systems provide for a wide range of application and design opportunities. The myriad of reflector and mounting configurations offers design flexibility and high performance rarely found in an economy luminaire. Precision Type III, Forward Throw and horizontal and adjustable vertical lamp Type V reflectors distribute light to where it's needed most. The Ecolume is designed for permanence. The housing is precision die-formed from a single piece aluminum wrapper and is finished with an electrostatically applied TGIC polyester powder coat. An anodized aluminum door frame retains the tempered flat glass lens in the horizontal lamp configurations and a non-yellowing thermoplastic sag lens on the vertical lamp units (sag glass on the 23"). Silicone seals and gaskets throughout exclude moisture, dust, corrosives and insects a single captive quarter-turn fastener retains the hinged door of the Ecolume luminaire. Captive quarter-turn fasteners also secure the reflector assembly, permitting quick access to the electrical assembly. The quad-tap ballast is mounted on a unitized tray and prewired with quick disconnects to both the line and socket. The Ecolume features the superior performance, durable construction and installation ease usually found in cutoff luminaires priced much higher. Innovative design and manufacturing techniques have created this remarkable value. The Ecolume is highly tooled and fabricated with a limited number of parts, screws, rivets and welds minimizing manufacturing costs and your price. An economy luminaire is no value if it's not on the jobsite when it's required.


    Heat and impact resistant
    Permits aiming in any direction
    Uniform light distribution


    Die-formed aluminum housing with silicone sealant
    Rotatable optics
    Segmented optical system
    Family offers a variety of mounting options, sizes and distributions


    Parks and Plazas
    Road and Street
    Software Plugins
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