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EcoForm - Wildlife Friendly

EcoForm - redefining value with outstanding performance

EcoForm - Wildlife Friendly

EcoForm - Wildlife Friendly

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      We offer a range of site and area lighting solutions that are approved for use in areas within close proximity to sea turtle habitats. Incorporating amber LEDs in our luminaires ensures that light pollution will not interfere with sea turtles nesting and hatching patterns. The amber light source produces a narrower spectrum by omitting blue light that the sea turtles would otherwise confuse as moonlight. Each fixture will also include a specially designed shield to ensure that light is directed only to the target area.For more information on our standard Ecoform luminaire, please visit the EcoForm product page.


      Wildlife friendly
      Maximizes pole spacing
      Seamless replacement of existing luminaires


      Narrow range wavelength solution
      Retrofit arm available
      Optimized distribution patterns
      Suitable for a variety of applications
      Various distributions available, including shielding options


      Parks and Plazas
      Road and Street
      Bridges, Monuments, Facades
      Photometry/BIM Files
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