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BRM822/826 - excellent performance, superior durability

Dome Top Louver School Bollard BRM822/826

Dome Top Louver School Bollard BRM822/826

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    In the schoolyard, bollards become objects for climbing on, hanging from, crashing into. Add the weathering effects of the elements and irregular maintenance and it's easy to see why there may be no more punishing environment for low level lighting. Philips Gardco School Bollards are specifically designed and field-tested to meet the most extreme challenges kids can dish out.


    Uniform illumination
    Superior spacings
    Solid vandal resistance
    Ensures lasting durability and reliability


    Low brightness optical system
    High-strength steel tenon throughout length of luminaire
    Rugged extruded and cast aluminum construction
    Silicone gasketing


    Parks and Plazas
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