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G3 - maximized efficiency, modular design, ultimate savings

G3 LED Garage Luminaire

G3 LED Garage Luminaire

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    The Philips Gardco G3 parking garage luminaire combines excellent performance with value, providing one of the most energy efficient lighting solutions for the energy and budget conscious. A complete selection of optical systems are available, including a concentrated downlight for use at entrances or at higher mounting heights. G3 luminaires are available with dimming, as well as motion response technology to expand potential energy savings. The G3 is also available with the LimeLight Wireless Lighting Control System.


    Ability to increase light levels without adding luminaires
    Up to 50% more energy savings with controls
    Provides uniform illumination free from hot spots and striations
    Prolongs LED system life


    Modular design
    Available with various levels of control options
    Driver housing and optical arrays are IP66 rated
    Easy-access driver door
    Offers a complete selection of optical systems


    Petrol and Convenience
    Parking Garages
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