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PureForm LED wall sconce comfort PWS

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PureForm LED wall sconce comfort PWS

PureForm LED wall sconce comfort PWS

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      Product family information

      Gardco PureForm wall sconce LED with comfort optics offers a sleek, low profile design that will complement a range of architectural styles. Comfort optics reduce glare to increase visual comfort. PureForm wall sconce provides up to 10,700 lumens to accommodate multiple mounting heights up to 20', and is available with Type 2, 3, 4, optical distributions. A full range of control options are available for additional energy savings. Optional emergency battery backup option available for path-of-egress, and is integral to the luminaire.


      Sleek, low profile design blends in with architecture.
      Comfort optics area reduce glare to enhance visual comfort.
      Both comfort optics and precision optics available, suitable for a range of mounting heights and lumen output.
      Seamless integration with the latest controls solutions makes management easy, further enhancing value.


      Comfort optics offer low glare for increased visual comfort
      Type 2, 3, 4 optical distributions
      Optional integral emergency battery backup available
      A full range of control options provide additional energy savings


      Municipal Buildings
      Parks and Plazas
      Specification Sheets
      • Specifications PureForm Wall Sconce, Comfort Optics, 140 LEDs, 1675mA (75W), Neutral White, Type 4, with 18W Emergency PDF 952.8 kB
      • Install instructions PureForm Wall Sconce, Precision optics, 48LEDs, 300mA (50W), Neutral White, BLC, w/ 14W EM Cold Pak PDF 370.0 kB
      • Product Guide PureForm Arm Mount, Large, Precision optics, 128 LEDs, 1050mA (415W), Neutral White, Auto Front Row with House Side Shield PDF 4.9 MB
      Photometry/BIM Files
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