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113 Mini Sconce

113 - changing the shape of the market with one renown series of sconces

113 Mini Sconce
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      The 113 Up/Downlight Mini Sconces mirror the renowned Gardco 100 Line, with its classic styling, intelligent engineering and integrity of construction. Most importantly, these compact luminaires provide sharp cutoff illumination without the high angle brightness associated with refractor type products. This makes these sconces an attractive choice for controlled illumination at points of entry. Three optical distributiions and both HID and fluorescent lamps offer the specifier flexibility in meeting both architectural and code demands. While the architectural appeal of Gardco sconces is self-evident, equal attention has been devoted to the construction and long term performance of the luminaires. It is a quality that never goes out of style.


      Durable and lasting construction
      Cools electrical components for prolonged life
      Suitable for a variety of applications
      Provides uniform distribution without streaks or striations
      Minimizes glare and light trespass


      Die cast aluminum construction
      Heat dissipating fins integrated into mounting plate
      Offers a number of optical distributions
      Precisely positioned reflector facets


      Municipal Buildings
      Security Lighting
      Parking Garages
      Specification Sheets
      • Specifications 113 Mini Sconce, Medium Throw w/ Uplight, Solite Diffusing Lens, 70W PSMH PDF 850.7 kB
      Photometry/BIM Files
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