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103 - changing the shape of the market with one renown series of sconces

103 Uplight Sconce

103 Uplight Sconce

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    The 103 luminaire is available with four different up/down optical combinations. Each offers a specific distribution appropriate to the downlight task, combined with a decorative uplight element. Uplight of both landscape and architecture serves to open and define the overhead environment. And only the 103 luminaire provides this opportunity to illuminate canopies, atriums and surface details and still provide the required level of horizontal footcandles for pedestrian or small parking areas. Importantly, three dimensional visibility is provided while controlling the high angle brightness associated with refractor type products. The 103 compact luminaires integrate naturally to wall surfaces. Powder coat finishes in standard bronze, beige, natural, black, white and special paint-to-match colors enhance the capability to blend luminaire to architecture. Housing, door frame, and back plate are all precision die cast aluminum. Heat-dissipating fins integrated into the back plate assure cool operation and extended ballast life. Each luminaire is completely pre-wired and factory-tested before shipment. The lens is optically clear tempered soda lime glass. Completely sealed and gasketed at every point of entry and at all points of material transition to thoroughly exclude the elements and effect of time, the 100 Line is certain to make a lasting contribution wherever it might be applied.


    Durable and lasting construction
    Cools electrical components for prolonged life
    Suitable for a variety of applications
    Provides uniform distribution without streaks or striations
    Minimizes glare and light trespass


    Die cast aluminum construction
    Heat dissipating fins integrated into mounting plate
    Offers a number of optical distributions
    Precisely positioned reflector facets


    Municipal Buildings
    Security Lighting
    Parking Garages
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