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301 - performance. Pure and Simple

301 Up/Down Cylinder

301 Up/Down Cylinder

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    Philips Gardco Lighting has earned a reputation for transforming utilitarian outdoor wall-mounted lighting fixtures into contemporary architectural elements with state of the art photometric performance. The 301 Up/Down Cylinder line continues in this superb tradition. Traditionally up/down wall cylinders have required two lamps and ballasts. This has necessitated oversized luminaires that were often out of scale for many typical mounting heights. The 301 Series, through intelligent design, utilizes a single lamp and ballast to achieve the downlighting and uplighting luminaire functions. The resulting form is a remarkably compact cylinder featuring the trademark subtle twin reveals and assiduous design sensitivity. Typical inefficient cylinders have historically simply produced small circles of light, hot spots on vertical surfaces, or discomforting aperture brightness. The Philips Gardco 301 Series however offers an unequalled variety of optical systems each with specific design attention paid to the lighting design objective. The use of highly specular spun and faceted reflectors assures that the 301 Series Cylinders produce the appropriate light levels and distribution. The regressed lamp position, carefully positioned reflector elements, egg crate louvers, and baffle option all provide exceptional control of high angle luminaire brightness. The variety of uplight options offered in the 301 Line demonstrates Philips Gardco's keen understanding of the importance of the illumination of all surfaces. The illumination of walls, columns, and ceiling canopies provides visual interest, establishes site boundaries and guides pedestrian traffic. The use of high performance reflector systems and obscuring lenses ensures that the uplight distributions are uniform and free of hot spots. Recognizing that different lighting tasks require different optical system/lamp combinations, the 301 Line has the broadest offering of downlighting and uplighting options available in a wall mounted luminaire


    Lasting durability and reliability
    Simplified mounting
    Suitable for a variety of applications
    Minimized glare


    Die cast aluminum construction
    Matching brackets and one-piece luminaire
    Offers a wide choice of baffles and trims
    Recessed optical system


    Municipal Buildings
    Security Lighting
    Parking Garages
    Software Plugins
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