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300 - performance. Pure and Simple

300 Enclosed Universal

300 Enclosed Universal

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    The 300 LINE is a series of compact, high performance cylinder luminaires in a variety of styles and mounting configurations. The enclosed universal style uses high intensity discharge or incandescent lamps and is suitable for areas with direc rainfall. Housings are diecast aluminum with architectural twin reveals located near the luminaire aperture. A clear convex lens is offered with a knuckle mounted configuration. Luminaires are finished with a durable textured semi-gloss TGIC powderpaint in one of six (6) standard colors.


    Lasting durability and reliability
    Simplified mounting
    Suitable for a variety of applications
    Minimized glare


    Die cast aluminum construction
    Matching brackets and one-piece luminaire
    Offers a wide choice of baffles and trims
    Recessed optical system


    Municipal Buildings
    Security Lighting
    Parking Garages
    Software Plugins
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