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Designer Floodlight DF5

Designer Floodlight - combining impressive floodlighting performance and control

Designer Floodlight DF5
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      Lighting professionals and specifiers are often confronted by situations where delicate low voltage landscape lights are inadequate and large-scale floodlights simply overwhelm with physical size and lumen output. The Gardco DF5 Designer Flood elegantly fills this void in the lighting plan with an exceptionally versatile, high performance floodlight that offers durability, an inconspicuous profile and six different distribution patterns. The trademark soft barrel design of Gardco floodlights is mirrored in the DF5s minimalist contemporary lines. Less than 12" wide by 5" deep (30.5cm x 12.7cm) the luminaire design is nevertheless substantial in appearance and construction& 100% commercial grade. The aluminum housing and mounting knuckle are die cast, and finishes are fade and abrasion resistant powdercoat. The DF5 then looks and acts the part of its larger Gardco siblings, but disappears neatly behind plantings, into bedding and building niches. The Gardco DF5 offers a choice of six precision faceted optical systems each designed to provide a specific distribution and sharp cutoff of stray light always a Gardco imperative. The precise facets of the optical systems, when combined with lamps up to 70 watts (42w triple tube fluorescent) give the lighting designer wide flexibility in both the placement of the luminaire and the nighttime lighting pattern. No comparable luminaire provides this measure of optical control.


      Protected against moisture, dust, pollutants and insects
      Suitable for a variety of applications
      Optimal lighting and glare control
      Ensures durable and reliable performance
      Seamlessly blends into its surroundings


      Thoroughly sealed and gasketed
      Offers a variety of precision optical systems
      Die cast aluminum construction
      Small profile


      Arena and Sports
      Bridges, Monuments, Facades
      Security Lighting
      Sign Lighting
      Photometry/BIM Files
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