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Designer Floodlight - combining impressive floodlighting performance and control

Designer Floodlight DF12

Designer Floodlight DF12

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    The DF12 designer floodlight from Philips Gardco provides remarkable floodlighting performance and control from a soft, handsome architectural form. This comparatively compact unit utilizes metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps up to 750W which, in combination with the 5 precision optical systems, creates opportunities for illumination levels and wide luminaire spacings which had not been previously achievable. A sophisticated high performance luminaire doesn't have to look utilitarian The graceful styling and elimination of decorative elements assures that the designer floodlight will blend effortlessly with landscapes and architecture. Whether ground mounted, wall mounted or pole mounted, the timeless form of the DF12 will be appropriate at the site for years to come.


    Protected against moisture, dust, pollutants and insects
    Suitable for a variety of applications
    Optimal lighting and glare control
    Ensures durable and reliable performance
    Seamlessly blends into its surroundings


    Thoroughly sealed and gasketed
    Offers a variety of precision optical systems
    Die cast aluminum construction
    Small profile


    Arena and Sports
    Bridges, Monuments, Facades
    Security Lighting
    Sign Lighting
    Software Plugins
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