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Philips Advance PureVOLT™ ballasts and germicidal lamps help stop the spread of micro-organisms


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      The Philips Advance PureVOLT electronic ballasts combined with germicidal lamps will help stop the spread of micro-organisms, airborne contaminants and pathogens, reducing the threat of illness and helping to ensure a safer environment for building occupants. These ballasts are specifically designed to operate a variety of germicidal lamps, including high-output 35, 60 and 95 W twin-tube lamps, 75 or 145 W T5HO linear lamps and standard output TUV 18 PL-L or 36 PL-L lamps. The ballast is ideal for use in applications where various HVAC systems are operated.


      Enhances accuracy and ease of ordering while reducing stocking/SKU requirements
      Helps to extends lamp life in frequent-switching applications such as occupancy sensors and daylight
      Eliminates the need to reset power mains after failed lamps are replaced


      IntelliVolt technology
      Programmed start operation
      Auto-restrike capability
      Lamp end-of-life protection circuitry


      Food processing areas
      Office buildings
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