The ideal LED replacement for linear fluorescent troffers



  • The ideal LED replacement for linear fluorescent troffers

    • Either 0-10 or Mark10 dimming drivers to help curb energy use and meet new legislative standards when paired with suitable controls solutions
    • Lumen maintenance of 70,000 hours
    • Compatible in both narrow and standard T-grids


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Product family information

The Philips EvoKit LED Retrofit is the ideal solution for switching from linear fluorescent lighting to an LED solution. This system is designed to be affordable, long lasting, and produce the quality light typical in Philips LED systems. The EvoKit, at efficacies up to 110 lumens per watt, produces enough light to replace most traditional fluorescent troffers, while consuming significantly less energy.


Efficacy up to 110 lm/w
Simple installation in under 5 minutes
Multiple sizes, color temperatures and lumen packages available
New fixture look and performance without the need to enter the ceiling
Suitable for use with Bodine emergency backup BSL310


Offices, Schools, Healthcare, Retail, Government
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