Halogen A19

  • Energy saving upgrade without sacrifice

    • A bright, energy saving alternative to standard incandescents.
    • Halogen Soft White is ideal for warm colors and natural wood finishes.
    • Halogen Natural Light provides light similar to natural daylight and brings out the true vibrant colors in your home.
    • Halogen Twice the Life provides 2000 hours of rated average life.


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Product family information

Halogen bulbs reduce energy consumption without sacrificing the qualities of a traditional bulb. They uniquely produce light more efficiently. They work with dimmer switches and are available in the familiar A-shape design. Use them in existing fixtures just as you would standard incandescents and your home will look great while you save energy.


Provides 28% more energy savings
Fully dimmable and Instant-on
Mercury Free
Rated average life of 1000-2000 hours
Halogen complies with the EISA 2007 efficiency standards for 2012-2014


Ideal for indoor table, floor lamps and other household fixtures.
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