Energy Saver Reflectors

EL/A 15W R30 6/1

  • Energy Saver Compact Fluorescents - Going green never looked so good

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General Information
E26  [ Single Contact Medium Screw]
Bulb Shape
EL/A R30
Life With 3 Hour Per Day Use
7.3 a
Light Technical
Color Code
827  [ CCT of 2700K]
Beam Angle (Nom)
120 °
Initial lumen (Nom)
750 lm
Luminous Intensity (Nom)
200 cd
Color Designation
Warm White (WW)
Lumen Maintenance 2000 h (Nom)
85 %
Lumen Maintenance 5000 h (Nom)
75 %
Chromaticity Coordinate X (Nom)
Chromaticity Coordinate Y (Nom)
Correlated Color Temperature (Nom)
2700 K
Luminous Efficacy (rated) (Nom)
50 lm/W
Color Rendering Index (Nom)
Operating and Electrical
Input Frequency
50 or 60 Hz
Power (Rated) (Nom)
15 W
Lamp Current (Nom)
220 mA
Power Factor (Nom)
Voltage (Nom)
110-127 V
Approval and Application
Estimated Energy Cost Per Year
1.81 $
Mercury (Hg) Content (Nom)
3.7 mg
Product Data
Order product name
Reflector Flood EL/A R30 15W 120V E26
EAN/UPC - Product
Order code
Numerator - Quantity Per Pack
Numerator - Packs per outer box
Material Nr. (12NC)
Net Weight (Piece)
0.125 kg

Eco passport - Our environmental product specifications overview

Philips cares about the environment and society at large, and strongly supports eco-design of products.

Installation Diagrams
15W/23W, E26/E27, R30/R40

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