Energy Saver Decoratives

    • 1) Philips Energy Saver Globes provide energy savings and reduced operating costs without sacrificing quality of light compared to standard incandescent equivalents.
    • 2) Save up to $62 over the life of the lalmp when you replace a 100W G40 incandescent globe with a 23W Energy Saver G40 Globe+ +Based on wattage saved (77W) x replacement lamp rated average life (8000 hrs) divided by 1000 x kWh rate (.10) = $61.60 saved
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Product family information

Philips Energy Saver Decorative CFLs provide energy savings and reduce operating costs without sacrificing quality of light compared to incandescent equivalents.


Similar shape and size as an incandescent.
Fits into many incandescent fixtures.
Select types available in both candelabra and medium base.
Offers Long Life compared to standard incandescents.
Available in G18, G25, G30, G40.


Use in table/floor lamps, wall sconces, reading lamps, open hanging pendants.
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