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TruGroove - Seamless 3" ribbon of light with exceptional performance and versatility for functional and decorative applications.

TruGroove Wall LED

TruGroove Wall LED

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    TruGroove LED is driving performance beyond the edge. Innovative optics deliver exceptional uniformity and wide row spacing from a 3” aperture continuous line-of light. An extended family and refined design are perfect for lighting any professional space.


    Elevated performance to a whole new level in narrow aperture lighting
    Wide row spacing with fewer fixtures and less energy consumption
    Ideal for a variety of applications with multiple distributions and modules


    MesoOptics DX and innovative optics producing optimal batwing distribution
    Symmetric, asymmetric, direct, indirect, direct/indirect and indirect/direct distribution options
    Response Daylight and Actilume Occupancy with field-enabled Daylight sensors
    Multiple lumen package and color temparature options
    Suspended, wall and surface mount versions


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