Energy Saver Compact Fluorescents - Going green never looked so good

Energy Saver Reflectors

Energy Saver Reflectors

Energy Saver Reflectors

  • Energy Saver Compact Fluorescents - Going green never looked so good

    • Philips Energy Saver Reflectors provide energy savings and reduced operating costs without sacrificing quality of light compared to standard incandescent equivalents.
    • Dimmable Reflectors are dimmable to 10% of full light levels and available in PAR38,R30 and R40. Hard glass, or "flat face" refelctors offer solid, heavy-duty construction with excellent beam control.


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Product family information

Looking for an energy saver that doesn’t look like one? The Philips EnergySaver family provides energy efficient lighting options that don't just provide similar light as your standard incandescent light bulb, they also have the same classic shapes. Philips Energy Saver reflector flood compact fluorescents reduce operating costs without sacrificing light quality compared to incandescent equivalents. With dimmable and hard glass options, they are ideal for recessed and track lighting indoors and outdoors.


Provide soft white light with excellent beam control.
Lasts at least 7 years*.
Save up to 75% in electricity costs when compared to an equivalent incadescent bulb.
The glass coating enables excellent lumen maintenance.
Circuit designed with end of life protection.
Available in: 14 watt R20,15 and 16 watt R30, 20 and 23 watt R40 and Par 38, and 23 watt Par 38 and 16W PAR 30 2 piece versions.
* Based on approximately 3 hours usage per day/7 days per week.


Ideal for use in recessed fixtures or track lighting.
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