MSR Gold™ FastFit – easy lamp replacement in seconds

MSR Gold™ FastFit

MSR Gold™ FastFit

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All lamps burn out eventually, but when this happens with single ended MSR Gold™ FastFit, it is replaced in seconds – thanks to the specially designed lamp base and lamp holder. This lamp provides a high beam intensity of pure, white light for a truly illuminating performance, while the gold-plated caps provide superior heat protection and prevent premature failure. P3 technology allows use in any position and at higher temperatures, further extending lamp life and consistency of high-quality light output. Also, because the FastFit design is applied to Philips Halogen lamps, switching between lamp technologies can be done quickly and easily.The Philips MSR GoldTM 1200 FastFit can be operated in a lamp wattage range between 800W and 1400W.


Lamp replacement in just seconds, exchangeable with halogen lamp
High beam intensity
Easy handling, smaller and lighter fixtures possible
Boostable light levels
Enables use at higher temperatures in any burning position. Longer lifetime, fewer early failures, consistent performance over time
Reduces early lamp or lamp holder failures. Excellent current transfer
Pure, white light; color point close to black body line


Philips FastFit
Very short arc
Compact design
Flexible power range
Philips pinch protection
Innovative gold plated pins
MSR filling


The Philips MSR GoldTM 1200 FastFit can be operated in a lamp wattage range between 800W and 1400W.


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