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The Philips Family of Swimpool lamps are incandescent, gas-filled reflector flood lamps specifically designed for swimming pools and underwater applications.


Withstands Thermal Shock and Vibration.
Ruggedness and Shock Resistant.


Ideal for Applications Using 12 or 120 Volts.
Hard, Shatter-Resistant Glass.
Specially Designed Filament Mounts.
12-Volt Lamps Blend the Desired Feature of Safety from Electric Shock with Durability.
Single Coil or Coiled Coil Filament and Medium,Mogul or Multipurpose type Bases.
Available in:R20: 100 watt, R40: 300 and 500 watt; R40 Frost:300 watt


Ideal for swimming pools and underwater fixture applications using 12 or 120 volts.
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