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U-Bent Energy Advantage T8

Energy Saving T8 U-Bent Lamps

U-Bent Energy Advantage T8

U-Bent Energy Advantage T8

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      Product family information

      Philips Energy Advantage T8 25W U-Bent Lamps are environmentally responsible lamps, featuring energy savings and low mercury.


      Sustainable lighting solution - Reduces the impact on the environment—low mercury and energy efficient.
      Philips Energy AdvantageT8 U-Bent warranty period: 36 months.
      Ideal for locations already using the linear Philips Energy Advantage 25WT8 lamp.


      Save 7 watts per lamp instantly and up to 25% in system energy costs when compared to a 32WT8 U-Bent.
      Save over $16.80 in energy costs over the rated average life of the lamp when compared to a 32WT8 U-Bent*
      Reduces the impact on the environment—low mercury and energy efficient.
      Only 3mg of mercury.
      Available in 25 watts with 3000, 3500, 4100 and 5000 Color Temperatures.
      * Based on 24,000 hour rated average life at $0.10 per kWh at 12 hours per start on an instant start ballast (7W x 24000 hours /1000 x $0.10 = $16.80).


      Ideal for applications requiring maximum energy savings.

      Warning & Safety

      Lamp contains mercury. Manage in Accord with Disposal Laws. See: or 1-800-555-0050
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