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Energy Advantage Extra Long Life T8

Energy savings, extra long life, extra low mercury

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      Philips Energy Advantage T8 Extra Long Life lamps are an industry first. These lamps offer high energy savings and have extra long life.


      Save $32 in energy costs over the rated average life of the lamp** when compared to a standard 32W T8 lamp
      Operates on any Instant Start and Programmed Start ballast***
      Significantly reduce maintenance and recycling costs by extending the relamping cycle
      Reduced impact on the environment without sacrificing performance
      **When comparing Philips Energy Advantage T8 32W with 2400 lumens to a 4' industry standard 32W lamp with 2850 lumens. Based on wattage savings (7W) x rated average life (46,000 hours) x kWh rate ($.10).
      ***Starting voltage must be equal to or greater than 550V. These lamps should not be used where the temperature in fixture is below 70ºF. Striations may occur where air movement is present in fixture. For best operation, use ballast with anti-striation circuitry.


      Save 7 watts per lamp instantly when comparing an Energy Advantage T8 25W to a standard 32W T8 lamp
      Only 1.7mg of mercury with ALTO II Technology
      Significantly reduce maintenance and recycling costs by extending the relamping cycle
      Available in multiple color temperatures: 3000K, 3500K, 4100K, and 5000K


      Ideal for applications where energy savings and longer relamp cycles would be beneficial.

      Warning & Safety

      In order to ensure the integrity of the coating, it is strongly recommended to replace Secura lamps before or at the moment the specified lamp life (50% failures @ 3 hrs switching cycle) is reached.
      Lamp contains mercury. Manage in Accord with Disposal Laws. See: or 1-800-555-0050
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