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MasterColor CDM-TC T4 Elite

MasterColor CDM-TC T4 Elite

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    Philips MasterColor CDM Evolution 3000K Tubular Single-EndedT4 Lamp is the next evolution of MasterColor.


    Color stability over life within ± 200K
    Excellent color with 90 CRI (color rendering index)
    Color stability over life within +/- 200K
    Lamp-to-lamp color consistency over lifeHigh lamp efficacy (up to 112 LPW)
    Up to 33% better initial efficacy than existing MasterColor T4 lamps*
    20,000 hours rated average life†
    80% lumen maintenance at 15,000 hours
    * Based on a MasterColor Evolution 3000K Tubular Single-Ended T4 39W lamp with 4400 initial lumens vs. a CDM T4 35W lamp with 3,300 initial lumens.
    † Rated average life is the life obtained, on the average, from large representative groups of lamps in laboratory tests under controlled conditions at 10 or more operating hours per start. It is based on survival of at least 50% of the lamps and allows for individual lamps or groups of lamps to vary considerably from the average.


    Universal operating position
    Dimensions, base and light center length are same as MasterColor and MasterColor Elite T4 lamps
    Features FadeBlock—an integrated UV blocking medium for reduced fading of fabrics and paintings
    Available in new 20W and 39W lamps


    Ideal for retail display lighting and accent lighting
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