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is the new big

Philips Lightolier OmniSpot LED track luminaires

Size matters


Philips Lightolier OmniSpot LED track luminaires are no exception. Powerful, yet remarkably miniscule OmniSpot track luminaires are specifically designed to keep attention focused exactly on designated areas of interest. And, with a wide range of personalization options, user-friendly installation and positioning, and compatibility with most existing track rails; it’s never been easier to create a unique customer and visitor experience that distinctly sets you apart from others.

Small is the new big


Over 56 years of track lighting innovation and expertise make it possible for OmniSpot track luminaires to have a form factor so small that it almost seems to disappear into the ceiling or surrounding area.


Sleek style, integrated driver, finless design (no heat sink), one-arm mount, small clearance to the ceiling

A little change makes a huge difference


Philips Lightolier OmniSpot LED track luminaires are ideal for new or retrofit projects, and as convenient alternatives to recessed multiples, gimble systems and halogen lamps. And, don’t need a complicated array of accent lighting options to stand out from the crowd. This is why we focus attention on reliable, robust options that lighting professionals have depended on for years to create personalized spaces with impactful visual appeal.


5 CCTs, 4 beam spreads, 3 lumen pkgs, 2 sizes, field-changeable optics, snoot, hex cell, diffusion films, dimming.


Simplicity extends to installation, with multiple optional adaptors to fit almost any track rail system, and also facilitates user-friendly repositioning at any time, without specialized training or equipment.

Enormous light punch


Don’t let OmniSpot’s compact size fool you; it dominates with industry-leading center beam candle power (CBCP). In fact, no other track luminaire on the market today can perform at this level in such a small form factor  so that your space can make a giant impression. 


Mimics familiar, gold-standard halogen track lights (all the good, none of the bad), and delivers light exactly where it’s needed, without spillover when using spot beams, and without hotspots when using flood beams, and without over- or underlighting the space. 

OmniSpot housing
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