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OmniSpot Led

Size matters


The Philips Lightolier OmniSpot LED family stays discrete in any space, allowing for the emphasis on the right things in commercial and retail spaces without sacrificing impact or efficiency.

Think big, go small

Philips Lightolier OmniSpot LED track luminaires are specifically designed to keep attention focused exactly on designated areas of interest. With a wide range of personalization options, easy installation and compatibility with existing track rails, it’s never been easier to create a unique experience that distinctly sets you apart from others.


  • New construction or retrofit
  • Compatible with  most competitive adapters available*
  • Energy Efficient LEDs
  • Excellent color rendering
  • Easily Adjustable - no special equipment
  • Low Profile - Less than 1" between the track head and ceiling


*Consult the product technical data links below for competitive adapters


A little change makes a huge difference


Ideal for new or retrofit projects, and as convenient alternatives to recessed multiples, gimble systems and halogen lamps. You don’t need a complicated array of accent lighting options to stand out from the crowd. This is why we focus attention on reliable, robust options that lighting professionals have depended on for years to create personalized spaces with impactful visual appeal.

Enormous light punch


5 CCTs, 4 beam spreads, 3 lumen pkgs, 2 sizes, field-changeable optics, snoot, hex cell, diffusion films, dimming.

Simplicity extends to installation, with multiple optional adaptors to fit almost any track rail system, and also facilitates user-friendly repositioning at any time, without specialized training or equipment.

One frame, one fixture, multiple advantages

Philips Lightolier OmniSpot LED recessed multiples, designed for easy specifying and quick installation. Even last minute changes in the lighting layout won’t have to be a waste of your time, because…time is money.


  • New construction
  • One, two, three, or four lamp head models available
  • Excellent color rendering
  • Easily Adjustable - no special equipment
  • Four beam spreads available

Infinitely Adjustable


OmniSpot LED recessed multiples offer a one of a kind tool-less adjustment features designed for ultimate precision, allowing for continuity from fixture to fixture throughout the space. The 3-step pull down feature allows for easy lighting guidelines, creating a clean look currently unseen in the market.

Plug & Play


The above frame-in kit offers a plug-and-play receptacle for quick and easy installation. Philips Lightolier continues a simplified installation process from its downlights into the recessed multiples.  The OmniSpot LED frame allows you to get the installation started sooner while providing configurable solutions.

Product Information

Click the highlighted links below to access more detailed information about the OmniSpot LED track light and OmniSpot LED recessed multiple light, and click on the images below to download the brochures and bulletin.
Technical and Specification data
Technical and Specification data
OmniSpot LED brochure (download)
Comprehensive Track brochure (download)
OmniSpot LED recessed multiple bulletin (download)