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HighFocus LED High Mast

HighFocus LED High Mast

Philips Lumec HighFocus LED high mast luminaires can reduce operational and maintenance costs. With up to 103 lumens per watt, and 32,000-97,000 delivered lumens, it is possible to reduce the overall number of luminaires needed per high mast setup when compared to traditional HID technologies. This not only reduces energy-related costs but maintenance and initial project costs as well.


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HighFocus LED high mast roadway lighting

Spend less time on maintenance


HighFocus high masts are backed by a 10-year limited warranty so your crews aren’t burdened by labor-intensive re-lamping cycles. Unlike other manufacturers who base their rating only on LED lumen maintenance, HighFocus Luminaire Useful Life rating includes LED lumen maintenance, as well as LED life, driver life, on/off cycles, burn hours, corrosion considerations, light engine PCB substrate, solder joints and more.

HighFocus LED high mast roadway lighting

Motorists aren’t inconvenienced


HighFocus benefits also extend to those using the space. The long LED life means that drivers and others within the space aren’t frequently inconvenienced by maintenance-related lane or area closures. Consistent and uniform light levels, from HighFocus’ specially-designed discrete LED optics mean that anyone can confidently move about the well-lit area with ease.

HighFocus LED high mast roadway lighting

Scalable solutions for local challenges


HighFocus LED Luminaires are scalable, so you can customize your high mast solution to maximize your energy saving benefits. They provide reliable and uniform LED illumination ranging from 400 to 1000W HID replacement, while exceeding the performance of traditional lighting technologies. Three lumen packages available providing up to 97,000 lumens.

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