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Philips Day-Brite/Philips CFI FluxStream strip, industrial and wraparound luminaires

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From planning and design, through installation, integration, and beyond – even small time consuming tasks can add up to big project delays that prevent you from moving on to the next job.


At the same time, customer satisfaction is equally important, so you need robust solutions that look, perform and withstand equal to or beyond your customer’s expectations.

This is why we expanded the rugged and reliable Philips Day-Brite / Philips CFI FluxStream luminaire family to include strip, industrial and wraparound luminaires.


Before, during and after installation, you can trust the FluxStream luminaire family to help you quickly complete projects without hassles or troubleshooting, while delivering consistent comfort and long-term energy savings throughout the space.

Add convenience during


FluxStream linear strip, industrial and wraparound luminaires have a consistent ordering nomenclature to save time when specifying and ordering, and offer quick, familiar and hassle-free installation. All versions are dimmable using a variety of drivers, including 0-10V, Mark X, DALI and can be integrated with control systems for advanced functionality along with enhanced energy savings.


Additionally, the luminaires accept an integrated emergency (EMLED) battery to provide standby light in the event of an unexpected power loss. “EZ” models are available with FluxStream linear strip and wraparound luminaires to satisfy budget conscious projects. See specifications for additional detail.

Add convenience after  


With a consistent look and consistent light output throughout any space, the broad FluxStream luminaire family creates comfortable spaces so that your customers are satisfied. Over time, FluxStream luminaires provide reliable, long-lasting performance with low maintenance, so you don’t have to return to troubleshoot, and your customers will enjoy reduced maintenance costs.

Integrated sensor    

Reduce operating costs


Reduce operating costs



Reduce operating costs

In addition to convenience and consistency from FluxStream luminaires, your customers will enjoy the obvious benefits of LED technology – reduced lighting related energy expenses and reduced operating expenses over the long lifetime of the luminaires. For additional energy saving or code compliance, a Philips EasySense sensor is available integral to the luminaire that provides occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and task tuning.


*Integrated sensor option not available in FluxStream EZ models.