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Your ultimate

landscape lighting chameleon

FlexScape LED accent and inground line-voltage landscape luminaires



As an industry, we know that landscape lighting is meant to draw attention to interesting outdoor elements, not the luminaires themselves. We can help you to achieve this goal with convenient, multi-tasking Philips Hadco FlexScape LED accent and inground line-voltage landscape luminaires. FlexScape delivers powerful luminaire performance in a small form factor that integrates seamlessly throughout your commercial landscape projects.



One luminaire, many solutions


With the unique convenience of field adjustable beam patterns and lumen outputs, you can easily adapt the lighting to seasonal, special event and needs-based changes.

Accent / B9

Attract customers while saving money
Attract customers while saving money


The LED Accent line-voltage version brings landscape lighting to the next level. Designed for optimal LED performance, it provides the lighting professional with countless line-voltage options.

Inground / SL43 Line-voltage


The LED Inground line-voltage model opens new horizons for line voltage architectural landscape lighting. It is designed for optimal LED performance and superior flexibility.

Simplify your


Streamline your entire landscape lighting project, from planning and specifying, to ordering, and even through installation and integration.

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