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Philips Gardco ClearScape LED Architectural Floodlights

Philips Gardco ClearScape LED Architectural Floodlights present a sleek design that will set a new standard for specification grade architectural floodlighting. Available in two sizes, ClearScape offers unparalled photometric performance, significant savings over HID, and is available with the latest in energy saving controls options. Precision optics, shields, color filters, and field tunable white options allow you to customize your lighting solution and paint with light.


Whether accentuating fine details, highlighting a monument or boldly drawing attention to an architectural facade, ClearScape is the right solution to bring definition to a space.

TownGuide LED Post-Top Luminaires

Create the right shade with tunable white

Tunable White Technology, available with ClearScape Medium, combines the power of warm and cool white LEDs in one luminaire. This allows you to adjust the white light’s color temperature on-site from 3500 to 5500K in six 400K increments, creating just the right shade, or changing as your design needs change.
ClearScape Tuneable White

ClearScape Small (CSFS)


ClearScape Medium (CSFM)


ClearScape Main Applications


Exterior Structures

  • Monuments
  • Bridges
  • Statues
Commercial Buildings
  • Accents and Facades
  • Sign Lighting
  • Flag Lightings
General Area
  • Landscape
  • Displays (Parking Lots)
  • Pedestrian Pathways
ClearScape Application

Key Features/Benefits


  • All glass front and low profile housing available in two sizes boast a modern edge and distinctive style
  • 70-400W HID-equivalent performance.
  • Multiple lumens packages and a full range of optical distributions are available.
  • 3000, 4000, and 5000K available.
  • Tunable White Technology, available with ClearScape Medium, allows you to fine tune your color temperaturein the field, ranging from 3500 to 5500K, in six 400K increments.
  • Internal shields provide visual comfort from all viewing angles with the ideal amount of light, while eliminating unwanted glare.
  • Optional color filters can further enhance your design for special events, holidays or seasonal changes.
  • Control options available to provide additional energy savings.
ClearScape Application

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