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Clean and simple

Chopstick LED Semi-Indirect Luminaire


Chopstick - Clean, minimalist design with big performance and optimal energy-efficiency for mainstream architectural applications.

Chopstick Luminaire Wall Mounted Application

Minimalism, a delicate balance of light, form and materials.


Minimalism is a movement in architectural design that strives to strip down spaces to their very basic and essential aspects; such as light, form, materials, area and human interaction. All of this is to achieve simplicity and an overall sense of harmony within the space. Philips Ledalite has designed the Chopstick LED with inconspicuous scale and clean lines for those types of architectural spaces.

Chopstick LED delivers up to 125 lumens per watt and has a wide lateral distribution in the upper hemisphere enabling wider row spacing, reducing the number of fixtures required, which means a significant reduction in lighting related energy consumption and an uncluttered space.

Chopstick LED Luminaire White

Key Features 

- Up-to 125 LPW
- Ultra wide row spacing
- Module lengths of 4', 6' & 8'
- Suspended and Wall Mount
- DLC QPL Listing for Suspended models
- Suspended models available on 10-day QuickShip

Chopstick LED Luminaire Titanium

Optimal Spacing and More Energy Savings


The Chopstick LED Semi-Indirect Luminaire is offered in4', 6' & 8' module lengths. 6' modules reduce material by 25% over 8' modules. LED performance ensures optimal light levels and ceiling uniformity.

Chopstick Luminaire Black

Models Available Suspended or Wall Mounted


The suspended version of Chopstick LED offers a semi-indirect lighting distribution ideal for open environments and smaller private spaces. Chopstick LED Suspended is available in 4', 6' & 8' modules that can be joined together to create longer runs.

The wall mounted version of Chopstick LED offers true asymmetric distribution with increased amounts of downlight - a perfect choice for corridors and private offices. Chopstick LED wall mount is also available in 4', 6' & 8' modules that can be joined together to create longer runs.

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