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Philips Advance Xitanium SR LED Driver

The depth and complexity of connected lighting systems can vary greatly – from simple luminaire-level controls to integrated systems connected to building networks. Philips Advance Xitanium SR LED drivers make it easy to develop and deploy control-ready luminaires for a host of applications. SR represents the standard interface for connecting drivers to nodes/sensors and is the key foundational element for any connected lighting system.


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Reducing Complexity: Streamlined Fixture Design


SR LED drivers streamline wireless connected lighting. The all-in-one design standardizes the digital connection between the driver and sensor and includes an integral power supply, so no additional auxiliary components or power packs are required. A simple, two-wire connection is all that is needed to connect to various certified devices on the market.  Fixtures for connected lighting become less complex and more practical as connected lighting becomes mainstream.

Complex design

Flexibility: Wide Range of Applications and SR Certified Partners


SR LED drivers are available for the primary lighting applications: indoor commercial and outdoor. They leverage the established Xitanium footprint for drop-in design for the fixture OEM. To ensure seamless compatibility between Philips Advance SR LED drivers and third-party sensors, Philips created the SR certified program with sensor manufacturers. This gives end users the flexibility to choose the type of connected lighting system that best suits their needs. See a list of certified partners on the market or under development here.

Simplicity for everyone

SR Drivers for Indoor Linear Applications


Philips pioneered SR LED drivers first for indoor commercial office lighting. SR has set the pace to make networked lighting more useful and practical while further accelerating the integration of lighting into building networks. Available in 40W and 75W models for commercial office lighting, and soon 95W for industrial high-bay, these drivers have the following features.


  • Standardized digital interface
  • Dim-to-off
  • Integral power supply
  • Simple 2-wire connection to sensors
  • Energy reporting (4%)
  • SimpleSet programming
  • Common Xitanium form factors

SR Drivers for Outdoor Applications

Following on the successful establishment of SR for indoor applications, SR drivers are available for outdoor lighting to bring the benefits of SR to yet another fast-emerging application. Having the same features as indoor, outdoor SR drivers are further tailored for use in city management systems with higher node power, tight metering accuracy requirement, and additional functional needs such as diagnostics and asset management tools. 150W models are now available at 700ma and 1050ma drive currents. Models for 75W and 95W will soon be available.


For a summary of the benefits of outdoor SR, click here.

  • Low voltage power for the sensor, including an auxiliary 24vdc power supply to support higher power nodes (3W) used in city management systems.
  • Power reporting accuracy of 2% meeting proposed ANSI standard C136.52.
  • Logic signal input for off-the-shelf motion sensors.
  • SimpleSet for OEM programming (including DALI scene values and short address)
  • Added functionality available through SR-certified devices:

    - Diagnostics and asset management tools.

    - “Last gasp” energy to enable a final message from the node in the

    event of power outage.