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Philips Advance Xitanium 25W, 36W and 50W Dimmable Indoor Downlight LED Drivers


Philips Advance Xitanium Downlight LED Drivers are designed to give OEMs ultimate flexibility. With wide operating windows, compact size and simple current adjustability, they make it easy for luminaire manufacturers to design luminaires with lumen levels appropriate for office and retail applications.


For Ordering Information, see the datasheets under the Downloads.

xitanium dim indoor 25W36W50W



• UL Class 2 output with Adjustable Output Current
• SmartMate style housing with 90°C Tcase max
• Compatibility with Philips Fortimo Downlight Modules


• Flexibility and ease of design via adjustable drive current and low voltage output
• Simple and economical integration into existing style fixtures
• System solution that optimizes performance and eases design-in


• Indoor downlight applications
• Office
• Retail