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Fully Optimized  System

Fortimo LLS EaseSelect 4ft 4400lm with 0-10V dimming


The Philips Fortimo LLS ES enables OEM fixture manufacturers to design and manufacture 4ft long LED fixtures meeting minimum DLC requirements optimized for cost efficiency. Its patented system design provides opportunity to reduce mechanical and electrical fixture bill of materials while delivering high quality of light and performance.  With the application of commercial LED strip and waterproof fixtures in mind, Philips has designed this economic system solution to provide added value to designers.


Fortimo LLS EaseSelect 4ft 4400lm with 0-10V dimming



  • 4ft LED light engine with optimized Class 2
  • LED driver on board
  • 4400lm light output
  • CRI80, 3 SDCM
  • 120 lm/W system efficacy
  • Plug-and-play snap-on assembly
  • UL Recognized (UL8750)



  • Easy to design-in
  • Cost efficient
  • Meets performance specifications for standard DLC1
  • High quality of light
  • Enables flexible supply chain



  • 4ft LED strip lights
  • 4ft LED waterproof and explosion-proof luminaires