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Philips Fortimo FastFlex


The Philips Fortimo LED system FastFlex gen 3 portfolio has been designed to offer a solution to OEMs who want to distinguish themselves through their fixture design and speed to market, as well as OEMs wanting to differentiate their propositions based on optical performance.


As a result, the standard Philips Fortimo LED modules FastFlex 2x8 and 2x4 gen 3 are designed for OEMs looking for a “one-stop shop” where board and lenses are provided by Philips to help support a short fixture development cycle while enabling good optical flexibility with FastFlex’s eight standard light distributions.

Philips Fortimo FastFlex



• State-of-the-art specifications

• Temperature and driving current designed for fixture optimization

• Optical flexibility via third-party lenses

• Flexible lumen output

• Range of CCT and CRI versions



• Enables OEM optical differentiation with lenses from third-party portfolios matching every project’s needs

• Unparalleled lumen-per-watt for fixture performance



• Road lighting

• Urban street lighting

• Flood and area lighting

• Tunnel lighting

• High-bay lighting