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Philips Fortimo LED Strip Module LV4 High Flux


Philips Fortimo LED strip module NA LV4 comes in a high flux version that rounds off the portfolio with a high LED count per foot. It is the next step in efficacy and economic fixture design in high-output and high-temperature applications like indoor high-bay. Fortimo LED strip 2ft 4000lm can also enable economical fixture designs for indoor recessed applications like 2' x 2' troffers utilizing only one LED strip module.

Fortimo LED Strip Module LV4 High Flux



  • High flux density of up to 2250 lm per foot
  • Narrow width of only 20mm
  • High energy efficacy of up to 173 lm/W
  • High lumen maintenance (TM21) of L90 36,000 hours



  • High energy efficacy and long lifetime1 provide optimized total cost of ownership
  • Slim width and 4ft length provide excellent design-in options and assembly
  • Specifications enable DLC Premium category2


1. Average rated life is based one engineering data testing and probability analysis. The hours are at the B50, L70 point – 50,000 hours life with 70% lumen maintenance at Tc point.

2. Fortimo LED strip NA LV4 is not a DesignLights Consortium™ (DLC) qualified product. It is an OEM component that meets certain performance specifications that are geared toward meeting DLC Standard Tier (v4.0) in a fully assembled fixture. The customer is liable for proper design, manufacturing, testing and qualification according to DLC requirements.



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