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Fortimo LED Spotlight Module Gen 4


The Fortimo LED SLM Gen 4 is a next generation solution for spotlight and downlight applications. Fortimo LED SLM Gen 4 is a product in line with the Fortimo brand promise of light quality and a smart system. Philips provides a system proposition ranging from 1100 Lumen to 4500 Lumen in preset outputs, with the flexibility to tune as per the OEM’s needs. The product leverages the latest Chip‐on‐Board LED technology with a Zhaga Book 3 compliant holder. Being a low voltage UL Class II electrical design and a UL recognized component, Fortimo LED SLM Gen 4 enables easy design‐in with Philips Advance Xitanium LED Drivers.


For Ordering Information, see the datasheet under the Downloads.

Fortimo LED Spotlight Module Gen 4



  • High energy efficacy of up to 130 lm/W nominal
  • Design flexibility with tunable currents
  • High thermal capability with Tc life up to 95⁰C for 50,000-hour lifetime (L70)
  • Zhaga book 3 compliant holder
  • Crisp White color point for vibrant and crisp color rendering
  • Small light emitting surfaces at high lumen output
  • UL recognized, LM80 available (6000 hours except Crisp White at 3000 hours)


  • Latest CoB technology delivers lm/W and lm/$ breakthrough compared to SLM Gen 2
  • Quality of light and punch
  • Easy to design-in incl. UL and LM80


  • SLM Gen 4 for accent lighting and downlighting for retail, hospitality and supermarkets
  • SLM Crisp White is ideal when bright and clean whites and rich and saturated colors are needed