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Philips Fortimo SLM Gen 6  


Philips Fortimo LED spotlight module (SLM) gen 6 (including crisp white, premium white and food) continues to focus on the combination of quality of light and performance. By offering the CoB separate from the holder, excellent flexibility in possible system combinations and specifications is achieved. This results in an extensive portfolio of lumen ranges, CCTs and spectra.



• Excellent quality of light available for all applications

• Extensive range of CCT

• Small LES for narrow beam angles and small reflector designs

• Flexibility to select a different lumen output between 800 lm and 10000 lm

• State-of-the-art chip-on-board (CoB) technology, enabling high system efficacy

• System proposition (CoB + holder + driver)

• Three dedicated product lines:


– SLM gen 6 premium white

– SLM gen 6 crisp white

– SLM gen 6 food




• 5-year limited system warranty with over 50,000 hours lifetime1


1. View limited warranty at for details and restrictions.



• Architectural lighting

• Retail spot lighting

• Recessed downlight