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Philips Advance CertaDrive Indoor LED Drivers


Philips Advance CertaDrive indoor LED drivers, including the new 21W and 35W models, are designed to meet basic lighting needs. These drivers are offered with specific voltage-current settings and are, thus, optimized with specifications that are appropriately suited for the application, making LED conversion affordable.

Philips Advance CertaDrive Indoor LED Drivers



• 50,000+ hour lifetime1

• Excellent thermal performance

• High power factor & low THD2


1. Philips Advance CertaDrive LED drivers are manufactured to engineering standards correlating to a designed and average life expectancy of 35,000 hours of operation at maximum rated case temperature. Minimum 90% survivals based on MTBF modeling.

2. Note: Power factor (PF) and total harmonic distortion (THD) may deviate under adverse mains voltage conditions outside nominal operation. Output current (I out) variation includes effects of line and load regulation, temperature variation and component tolerances.



• Enables long life luminaire designs

• Allows operability in indoor (low-bay) ambient conditions

• Suitable for commercial indoor applications



• Indoor linear troffers, pendants

• Office areas

• Retail centers

• Educational facilities