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Edward Garcia
Lab Technician

Who are you?

  • Grew up in Chicago near the southwest side.
  • Began career at Philips in approbations, then R&D, and now in technical testing.
  • Still works on approbations and R&D time to time.
  • Does CAT (Customer Acceptance Testing).


What do you do?

  • Helps with installing our products into given fixtures.
  • Applies wires to measure input and output data, attaching thermal probes to take measurements over time.
  • Collects data for our engineers who turn them into reports
  • Conducts thermal and performance (input/output of voltage current & general power factor) tests.


What is your focus?

  • Any and all necessary modifications and preparations for tests.


Where did you go to school?

  • Certificate in Basic Electronics at DeVry Institute of Technology.

Where did you work?

  • TV tuner repair.
  • Hammond Organ Company as organ repairer.
  • 3 different telecom companies as R & D.
  • Signify (for 9 years).

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

The challenges that arise with working with the other engineers in developing products.


Fun Fact?

Is a part-time musician (rock and roll).

Edward G.