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Helping you validate

your concepts

Our commitment


Our Design-In Services team is committed to supporting you with
in-house capabilities and years of lighting expertise that help you validate your concepts faster. We are devoted to providing you with a personlized experience in achieving your goals. We want to be an extension to your team.


Our process


Learn how easy it is to take advantage of our design-in capabilities through our process infographic.  Click the image to learn more!

Our capabilities


Speed up your designs and reduce validation costs through our rigorous thermal, mechanical, electrical, and optical tests when using Signify components in your fixtures.

OEM Design-In Services

Our tools

Easy Design-in Tool


Easily search and connect components with specifications that matter to you with our Easy Design-in Tool's customized features and focused views.  

MultiOne Configuration System


With the intuitive MulitOne Configuration System, you can meet specific application requirements with a limited portfolio of configurable devices.

Contact us


If you would you like more information on our capabilities, or to begin a design-in project, please contact us directly by clicking the link below.