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The best Internet of Things (IoT) lighting platform is nothing without the best partners to bring it life. 

This website connects like-minded entrepreneurs with a common vision, platform and technologies, creating a vibrant hub for innovation. It’s a one-stop destination where you can be inspired by the latest IoT innovations, stay on top of our open standards platform, and reach out to other OEM partners to collaborate and co-create.

Join us as we build the lighting IoT innovations that will solve society’s most pressing problems and shape a better world. 


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City authorities drove one of the fastest technology shifts when they upgraded street lighting to LED. Can digital fingerprints solve this problem?

Emergency Lighting
and Internet of Things 

Emergency lighting systems for commercial buildings typically do not get the attention they deserve. Most people probably pass them every day without considering their importance. Losing regular power due to an unforeseeable event is a completely different matter. Remember the power outage during the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII? This power loss is one of the worst-case scenarios that none of the building owners or property managers ever want to experience.

Standardization is Key for Driving Smart Lighting Adoption.

We live in a world of “hyperconnectivity”, which is a term invented by Canadian social scientists Anabel Quan-Haase and Barry Wellman (source) in 2001.  Think of how digitally interconnected we are to the physical world around us.  Beyond the smartphones, tablets, and computers we use each day, there are countless smart sensors in the cars we drive, the places we work, and the communities we live in.